martes, 25 de enero de 2011

¡¿Bueno ... ?!

De repente suena el tel de mi casa, descuelgo y se escucha:

? - If youve been hiding from love, I can understand where youre coming from.

Yo contesto con: ...

Ez- Sometimes I feel like I don't know, Sometimes I feel like checking out, I wanna get it wrong,
Can't always be strong.

? - On another world, By another Star, At another place and time, In another state of consciousness.

Ez- Like a desert needs rain, Like a town needs a name.

? - Paying debt to karma, You party for a living, What you take won't kill you, But careful what you're giving.

Ez - We`ve been here before, Last time you scratched at my door, The moon was naked and cold.

? - What do you expect of me, What is it you want, Whatever you've planned for me, I'm not the one.

Ez- I have climbed the highest mountains, I have run through the fields, Only to be with you.

? - The way you move, Has got me yearning. The way you move, Has left me burning.

Ez- If you twist ans turn away, if you tear yourself in two again, if I could yes I would.

? - The world outside, You're not part of it yet, And if you could drive,You could drive her away.

Ez - Nobody else here baby, No one here to blame, No one to point the finger, It's just you and me and the rain.

¿Quién es EliZooropa?

Una persona original, amante de la música británica que viaja en un barco lleno de experiencias y las olas que la motivan son las de la música, los peces son sus amigos y sabe que puede encontrarse a una cantidad increible de criaturas llenas de colores o de espinas.

Una especie exótica,pero llena de remolinos en la cabeza.

Una combinación de lo tierno con lo sarcástico, con un exquisito sabor agridulce.

Una chica que busca la independencia y la libertad.

Una especie que sonríe a cada prueba de la vida y una especie que llora cada que se hunde.

Una chica que se desahoga en su Zona!

Te sueño aún estando despierta!

Te sueño aún estando despierta!